International Design Awards 2019 Outstanding Achievement: Les Concerts du mercredi

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With their combination of effective communication and bold decision, WePlayDesign’s posters for Les Concerts du mercredi hits a high note.

Striking a Chord

“Les Concerts du mercredi” is a series of classical music concerts for an eclectic audience. “Unlike a musical recording, the conditions of space and time make each performance unique,” note art directors Cedric Rossel and Sophie Rubin of WePlayDesign based in Switzerland. This observation was their starting point for designing the communication materials for the 2017-2018 five-concert series, which led them to develop a generative design for the 750 posters and a program where each copy is unique.

WePlayDesign's work for Les Concerts du mercredi won them a HOW Design award.

The first challenge was to visually represent the uniqueness of each concert. The second was to communicate to a senior audience in a contemporary and surprising way.

The solution? The music and its variations are illustrated by a series of bold, colorful forms representing the idea of movement and gesture. They also created a typeface called “Bourdonnette” especially for the project. It comes in two styles: Sans serif and Mono.

Les Concerts du mercredi

Rossel’s and Rubin’s favorite part of the project experience was “a great freedom of creation, allowing us to experience the generative design.” And they say the public was positively surprised by the disruptive nature of the approach and the visuals. Judge Zipeng Zhu called it “bold, simple, colorful, unique, energetic and fun!”

Category: Posters
Project: Les Concerts du mercredi 2017-2018
Designer: WePlayDesign

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Source: International Design Awards 2019 Outstanding Achievement: Les Concerts du mercredi

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