When you first join Pinterest, pinning seems simple. You upload an image and a link to a board you have, and voila — you’ve got a pin. The fervour sets in and you begin to pin all the things you can find: photographs, infographics, logos, icons. As long as it’s an image, it gets pinned.

But if you’re trying to grow your business through Pinterest, that strategy won’t help you at all.

Sadly, you can’t pin a million things and expect people to click through to your content every time. You’ve got to make each pin count.

Optimizing pins instead of posting willy-nilly isn’t hard. It just calls for more thought into your brand: What exactly are you pinning? What does it say about your business? Why should your audience (and ultimately, your customers) care?

Keep reading to learn how to create your own pin, as well as the most important parts of a pin your audience will want to pin themselves.

How to Create a Pin on Pinterest

Click the plus sign (+) at the top of your Pinterest profile.
Select “Create Pin” from the dropdown menu.
Upload an image file from your computer and add a destination link.
Enter a destination link from which to save an image from that website.
Title your pin.
Add a pin description.
Choose a board to add your pin to.
Select “Save” to create your Pinterest pin

For more details follow the link below.

Source: How to Create a Pinterest Pin Your Followers Will Flock To

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