Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce

Develop the marketing skills you need to succeed in Wharton’s digital economy, which ranks number 1 worldwide in marketing education.

About this course

Marketing excellence is a prerequisite for success in any business, from startups to the most established companies in the world, however, the art and science of marketing are constantly evolving. Arm yourself with the essential principles and practices of marketing in the digital economy by making this course, taught by David Bell, Internet shopping expert and Wharton teacher, an indispensable part of your knowledge base.

In this course of administration and business, you will understand how the digital economy works and develop the critical knowledge necessary to succeed in e-commerce and digital and social network marketing.

The fixed and mobile Internet and related technologies have a profound influence on how companies and social institutions evolve, how they confront them and, sometimes, even the displaced. Companies that did not exist a few years ago, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Uber, have drastically changed the way we interact, communicate and move from point A to point B. Even Amazon and Google are relatively “young” in any way . If you are an entrepreneur, investor, administrator or student, you need smart approaches to navigate and win in this new environment.

This course is organized around four general topics and we will use relevant theory and analysis, as well as numerous practical examples to develop our key learning points.

The themes are:

  • Fundamentals of behavior to understand and navigate the new panorama online and offline
  • New forms of interaction, including networking and reputation building.
  • Tools and principles of digital marketing action, including online advertising on fixed and mobile devices
  • New media platforms and emergence of celebrities and “organic” communities.

This course is beneficial for marketing professionals, analysts, entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors and consumers. This course was developed from the first course of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania on digital marketing and electronic commerce.

This course is part of Wharton’s Digital Marketing Professional Certificate.


No specific prior knowledge is necessary, but knowledge in marketing concepts such as segmentation, branding, and customer analysis would be helpful.

What will you learn?

  • How to take advantage of new models in business and electronic commerce to increase profitability
  • Successful techniques in social networks and digital marketing.
  • Real-world application of digital marketing and e-commerce methods.
  • How to promote yourself and your products more effectively and efficiently.

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This course is part of a Professional Certificate Program

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