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Unanswered questions…  take a look at our FAQ’s.

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What is the Digital Marketing Network?

The Digital Marketing Network is a global directory of Digital Marketing Agencies that can help Brands to promote their campaigns.

Why was the Digital Marketing Network formed?

The Digital Marketing Network was formed out of the frustrations of both agencies and buyers that need to contact with agencies throughout the world rather than contracting the same agency for multi-country campaigns.

As a Brand do I have to pay?

No.  The Digital Marketing Network is free for brands.  You can choose to simply search and contact Agencies individually or you can sign – up for free and use our more advanced functionalities such as savings searches our multi-agency communication platform.

Are Agencies Verified?

Yes.  All Agencies need to go through our verification process which amongst other elements requires them to submit client reviews which are verified.

Can anyone leave a review?

If you register then you can add a review to an agency.  Reviews are verified by our team to ensure fair play.

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