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Why sign up for the Digital Marketing Network?

The Digital Marketing Network is an organization that has as its primary mission to bring together Brands and Agencies so that they can work together.

Sounds simple.

However, if you are a small to medium sized Agency with a presence in just your country or region then it is extremely difficult to come to the attention of international Brands who would most probably benefit from your local knowledge and capabilities.

So why not – let’s list the benefits:

Exposure: your agency will quite simply get more eyes viewing your capabilities and more eyes mean more opportunities.

Partnering: By partnering with other Agencies in the Digital Marketing Network you have an opportunity to bid for campaigns that would normally be out of your scope.

Client Reviews: Get your clients to say how it was working with you and have them help qualify you for future prospects.

Social Media Cover: We will include your agency in our Social Media Marketing adding more voice to your own channels.

Agency Reports: You will have the opportunity to figure in our Top Agency Industry reports which will add to your marketing collateral.

Understand your Industry: Have the opportunity to see what brands are searching for and receive our Industry Research Reports.

Qualification: the fact that a visitor sees your agency means that they are already auto-qualifying themselves as a sales lead. They are making a conscious decision to look for your capabilities in your geography.

Accelerate your Sales Funnel: With our communication tools you will be able to move prospective Brands down your sales funnel faster and expedite sales cycles.

Content Marketing: You will be able to publish your own material in our News and Blog sections to establish authority in your area. It is a way to show the brands you have done work for creating industry interest.

Verification: With our verification process Brands will be able to see that your agency is real, improving your credibility.

Reputation: By being part of the Digital Marketing Network you will be increasing your own online and offline reputation.

Media Pack: You will have access to our media pack for digital and print assets boosting your authority.

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